Tuesday, July 26, 2011

RIP, Joe Arroyo

The world will never again hear Joe Arroyo perform live one of the Colombian anthems, La rebelión. He died this morning at a Barranquilla hospital at the age of 55. Golden Colombia was supposed to see him in a Cartagena concert earlier this summer, but his appearence was canceled as the news came that he had been hospitalized due to organ failures.

'El Joe' was the inventor of the salsa-genre Joeson, and as for Caribbean music, he can only be compared to legends such as Bob Marley, Celia Cruz and Benny Moré. Above mentioned Rebelión, also known as "No le pege a la negra" (Do not hit my woman), synthesizes the entire history of the Afro-caribbeans.

Rest in peace, Joe. Paz en la tumba.

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