Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Painter Pedro Ruiz visiting Golden Colombia

Pajaritos from Oro by Pedro Ruiz (image from pedroruiz.org)
Today Golden Colombia proudly received the visit to our offices of one of Colombia's most important painters, Pedro Ruiz. Pedro Ruiz has lately been working on the issues of drug trafficking and the refugee disaster in Colombia through his exhibitions Desplazamientos and Love is in the Air (see samples from these on www.pedroruiz.org). As has incidentally Golden Colombia (in a comparably very modest way) at our web site cocaine.no and our multimedia reportage on the displaced population in Colombia (http://bit.ly/l732Om). 

Ruiz has since then developed Desplazamientos into a more encouraging concept, displaying the cultural and natural richness surrounding the refugees, in his latest work, Oro (Gold). As Golden Colombia incidentally attempts to do at www.goldencolombia.org... So we had a lot to talk about, and do not be surprised to see future joint projects from Golden Colombia and el maestro Pedro Ruiz.

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