Wednesday, July 20, 2011

El Joe, La leyenda Capitulo 36

El Joe, La leyenda Capitulo 36 - Hello friends here we bring you the best novels you enjoy the place they are, Hello this time featuring the soap opera El Joe, La leyenda Capitulo 36, the capitulos, you'll find on its opening day without fail. If you notice that the video does not play, please report it to repair it as soon as possible and thus can continue to enjoy your favorite soap opera without restrictions. Without further ado, proceed to El Joe, La leyenda Capitulo 36. I leave the show to enjoy with your friends and do not forget to comment
El Joe, La leyenda Capitulo 36 Synopsis
El Joe, La leyenda, "a novel based on the life of singer and songwriter Alvaro Jose Arroyo Gonzalez Cartagena, better known as' The Joe Arroyo," one of the great icons of Colombian music.
The story begins when Joe, dying walking the streets of Cartagena Jackeline desperately seeking to convince Ramon that she marries another man.
Amid the delirium produced by the agony, Joe begins to remember the happy times she lived with her ​​in the early seventies at the time of Carnaval de Barranquilla
El Joe, La leyenda Capitulo 36

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