Monday, June 20, 2011

La Pola Capitulo 176

La Pola Capitulo 176 - Enjoy La Pola Capitulo 176 in very good quality video and audio do not miss this tv series that starts at the beginning of the nineteenth century, where only one could be a realistic or patriot. At a time when love is eternal and yet a kiss means everything, but the attraction to a man prohivido be so strong that not to matter what the obstacle, be it death. Remember to share La Pola Capitulo 176 with your
One woman against an empire La Pola, a beautiful and proud mestizo. Alejo, an educated young man of high society. They love each other, but can not be: Alejo is Spanish, the Polish patriot. Alejo since I was a child, having promise of marriage with Maria Ignacia Valencia, a beautiful young woman of the aristocracy payanesa. alejo but can not resist the charms of the polarization. For her sake, is willing to sacrifice everything, except loyalty to his rey.
La Pola Capitulo 176

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