Tuesday, June 14, 2011

La Casa de al Lado Capitulo13

La Casa de al Lado Capitulo13 - Hey soap opera fans, La Casa de al Lado Capitulo13 is a telenovela produced by the television network based in the U.S. Telemundo.Misteri telenovela is a remake of the family comes next for TVN Chile in 2010-2011.
In "La Casa de al Lado", keeping all secret characters in doubt even most of the suspects, so it is impossible to know who lied and who told the truth, he is innocent and they are criminals, they can trust or someone to fear. Now, this soap opera has reached La Casa de al Lado Capitulo13: Chapter 13, said about: Pilar Arismendi (Maritza Rodríguez), a sweet and charming young man, married Javier Ruiz (Miguel Varoni), (Gabriel Porras), Gonzalo Ibanez business partners. Pilar and Javier have a neighbor who was a widow named Ignacia (Catherine Siachoque).
Gonzalo, a successful lawyer, Ignacio met and fell in love with him. But Ignacia with luggage. Her late husband is a widow of Adolphus, a man who died in mysterious circumstances. Gonzalo suggested Ignacia in just a few months after the death of Adolf. After the wedding the couple moved to a house next to the column and Javier, and there are many truths Gonzalo began to reveal hitherto unknown to him. One is that the house is inhabited by Leonardo (David Chocarro), twin brother Adolfo.
With that revelation, Gonzalo began to realize that nothing is as it seems at home, and began to find a layer of intrigue to connect with the mysterious death, where everything is a possible suspect. The more you look at the "accident" that must lead the life of Adolf, the more you realize that everyone is kept very secret.
What is the history of this soap opera, La Casa de al Lado Capitulo13, please see the TVN CHV and Channel 13 on Friday, Thursday, June 16, 2011.

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