Sunday, June 5, 2011

La Casa de al Lado Capitulo 5

La Casa de al Lado Capitulo 5 - Hello to all my friends, how are you? hopefully in good condition. On this occasion, Sportcorner and data Telenovela bring the topic of the soap opera entitled "La Casa de al Lado Capitulo 5" which La Casa de al Lado Capitulo 4 has already passed, we witnessed live next door to the Capitulo 5.
In this soap opera is told of a young woman Pilar Arismendi sweet and charming, is married to Javier Ruiz, Gabriel Porras, Gonzalo Ibanez business partners. Gonzalo was a successful lawyer who meets Catherine Ignacia Siachoque, Pilar and Javier neighbors, and the widow of Adolphus, a man who died in mysterious circumstances.
Ignacia Gonzalez propose a few months after the death of Adolf. After the wedding the couple moved to a house next to the column and Javier, and there are many truths Gonzalo began to reveal hitherto unknown to him. One is that the house is inhabited by a twin brother Adolfo Leonardo.
How is the continuation of the story! do not forget to see La Casa de al Lado Capitulo 5 on June 6, 2011 in Singapore.
La Casa de al Lado Capitulo 5

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