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Inocencia Y Perfidia Capitulo 21

Inocencia Y Perfidia Capitulo 21 - The day after the ball struck the Court Daven Castleford majestic dawn dressed in the dense and steamy haze of discomfort and unease.
The mansion was like quieter and darker than continuous and even seemed that the usually weak morning rays kissed the soil of alabaster with the stealth of a furtive lover, infiltrating between the curtains and moving stealthily as the mist that the tide rises, remained this time in detention and prudent modesty confined outside for fear perhaps act improperly and reprehensible.
Caroline, but continue still sitting astride the winged horse that leads to the sensitive souls on wings to heaven confusing illusion and infatuation of youth, could not help but experience an annoying twinge of guilt and remorse in his stomach and in the profound depths of his soul when once performed their morning ablutions and lodged in his usual place in the refectory table Davenport found that Thomas had not gone down that morning to have breakfast with the family.
See his empty chair at the head of the table fencing in the mind of Caroline as would the slab that closed the tomb, extinguishing all illusions that sought to maintain vivid inside and showing their absence a certainty that she had feared, and desired, frighten your thoughts from last night: Thomas Davenport was upset with her. There had been something in her behavior or its procedures for the dance that would have bothered-let-the mighty Caroline Knight yet, though I tried, I could not understand how pernicious have been the seriousness of their offense. At the end of the inquiring society had just witnessed a dance. Just a dance ...
Rachelle itself was present, but with great displeasure could see her younger sister Mrs. Daven Court tried not looking up from his plate and when he did was to watch his sister slightly bearish and reflecting in his expression a strange intensity, with it as if to study and understand, in vain, judging by his unalterable silence-what happened and battled furiously in the hidden paths of the soul of the younger of Barton.
The elderly gentlemen Barton allegedly remained outside the general unease, as if his were a separate universe had nothing to do with the palpable tension that prevailed in those high vaulted ceilings.
The peculiar pair remained focused on their specific tasks: first Mrs. Barton and repeated their weary routine monologues and the other for your kind husband in the difficult task of trying to eat a poached quail egg without dirtying one bit bulky and ruff the exquisite embroidered tablecloth.
Caroline wanted to understand his parents then completely ignored what happened last night in Castleford Mason, perhaps due to his absence from such an event or lack of information, thank God!, By friendly hosts. In an obvious way, however, the behavior of their hosts came to demonstrate that they themselves would have been aware of what happened, or at least hoped-that the plot Caroline least unbecoming conduct.
I did not know Ms. Barton, and this point was beginning to hope that they were the worst, "was the exact degree of knowledge of both hosts, but having seen the anger and dissatisfaction reflected in the behavior of Mr. Davenport for very tiny that it was the supposed fault the girl that this would be very difficult to resolve in the eyes of the knight and his wife.
Last night, while traveling back to Daven Court, within the family carriage had breathed the most oppressive and unyielding silence, torn by just a maddening rattle of the wheels against the battered and winding road or the awkward swing forcing travelers to exert force with your forearms and palms flat against the sides of the vehicle.
He had been an endless journey constrictor chaired by the undefined silhouettes, sitting in front of her as if two marble statues were treated, at times it appeared from the shadows as if peer through a veil, looking through the blinds to windows a landscape that the darkness of the night became even more blind.
A shake stranger had removed the entrails of Caroline at the time, the same shaking the next day with the same urgency and waved their ideas and emotions like an angry wave vendabal raising ocean waves foam hives.
Why strange quirk of fate had to be by force something that tarnished his present happiness? Why could not enjoy his dream completely, without the constant threat of storm clouds looming over everything? Does not deserve its own fairy tale? Had some illogical provision required that a second of happiness should carry a mandatory long an eternity of suffering?
Breakfast passed without hardly eat anything and despite the cold ham, quail eggs and flavored tea presented a formidable aspect Caroline the holder did nothing more than beating around the food on the plate side to side, crossing the edges of the porcelain with migajitas meat and crushing with the teeth of the caked fork yolk yellow to create a compact mass at the center of the plate, without being in any way desirable to the gesture of bringing food to the mouth and swallow though it be all this with great indifference.
Spent the rest of the morning so unprofitable, plunged the young Caroline in a nervous and agitated activity did not know how used, the victim of accelerated eagerly waiting uneasily that something resembling never come, wandering listlessly prays the reading room where Rachelle devoured the works of Milton to the playroom where his nephews were playing the Cantillos with black pebbles, from a rush for the recreation room where his mother played a game of casino-old Mrs. Hathaway Daven an assiduous visitor Court since the arrival of the Barton-to stop brooding face the double doors closed and barred the firm from Thomas Davenport.
And none of these was the young stay calm.

The silence and fearful that seeped under the thin slit doors separating the study of the soil line was scared dent in the minds of Caroline, and probably imaginary vision of Mr. Davenport, with its imposing and impressive silhouette dark concentrated behind the walnut desk-not in any way he could appease his spirit.
He bowed his head in front of that sealed room, cruelly twisting the folds of her skirt to the pang of remorse that tortured his soul. Had done wrong, had compromised his reputation and his family with his actions improper and unseemly. Had been the talk of that coterie of gossips of good tone willing to skin you to the first deadly sucker come out slightly from the path of propriety, had been the talk of all those great personalities unable to forgive the slightest slip ... And she would have slipped only recklessly, but had fallen in the middle of the room with all the ostentation as possible!
Even Annabelle, her dear and loyal friend, was admonished by his foolish ways, and now Mr. Davenport, his family, his brothers, he denied the word because of disgust and disappointment suffered.
He looked down to the ground, angry, with a twinge of childish pride alive in your breast whipping and turning her cheeks. Had done wrong, yes, she knew it ... but could not say that repentance had lodged in his heart. But if only it had been a dance! That was all that could be attributed to their foolish proceeding! Just a dance ...
If they came to understand the real scope of their actions! If somehow they had been witnesses of that fleeting kiss and the words poured ...! But only they had been for a dance ... did not deserve to take her to the gallows for it.
Although it could ensure he was fully convinced if the conviction be sentenced to accept without question ... would have been worthwhile.
Abstracted completely rubbed his lips with his fingertips, closing his eyes and remembering the warmth that had been drunk a few hours your whole body, every fiber of his coat, its members and even his soul. He exhaled slowly when a noise outside the back door to reality and suddenly regaining consciousness from where he was rushed away in stealth run through the lonely corridors, afraid to embarrass Mr. Davenport again with his presence and memories as improper feeding.

Passed the meridian of the day and feeling helpless victim of agonizing seconds advance bronze clock of the room, Caroline was lifted in haste from the room where the effort of reading was accompanied by his mother and sister, unable to concentrate on knowing the printed lines and flipping through smoothly while holding the hearing loss at some point after the large window panes.
- Oh Caroline, is you're going out?! Lie still for a moment, right? Always wandering through the gardens as a lost soul, always wearing the awkward languor novelero! - Ms. Barton noted frowning when it returned the ineffective took his original place in the library and was about to leave the room, silent and crestfallen.

Caroline turned pale and romantically without knowing exactly how excuses.
- I promised to Mrs. Crawford that it would take about Bollet rye bread this morning ...

Rachelle looked up at her with the wrinkle of the brow highlight.
- Oh, you should not worry so much for these poor underprivileged! - Mrs. Barton was outraged .- They are used to suffer hardship in the flesh, is what we have known all his life and is not suitable to fill them head with proposals for a life that can never be achieved. Do not waste your time with projects that do not report any benefit, dear! You should, if you desire a walk, this time direct you to the mansion of Castleford (naughty wink) I think you'd be well received by its residents and your expectations of a fun day significantly improve ...

Caroline sighed, burying his head slightly between the shoulders and ignoring the selfish and self-serving comments of his mother, who accompanied his eloquent diatribe with mischievous grins out of place. Resigned prepared to get back on track.
- It's likely to rain. You should not leave today .- Rachelle distracted voice suddenly called his attention, petrifying a short distance from the door as if it had been looked at askance by one of the most famous gorgon.

He slowly turned to the elegant burgundy silk upholstered chair where Mrs. Daven rested Court and topaz iris encountered with green eyes and light filled Rachelle. There was no anger in his eyes, or annoyance, or disappointment ... only an implicit plea and sincere affection of a sister who is torn between the correctness and the rules revered by a husband and wrong and foolish behavior of a young girl over vehement and sensitive. A girl like not long ago was herself.
- Do not worry, Rache, I'll be back long before tea time.

And left the room while the reseguía Rachelle and filled with eager eyes for concern.
The afternoon was wreathed in faint golden rays descending timidly from the cracked vault across a visibly cloudy sky.
In the distance, echoing a harassing and intimidating opening of thunder behind the surrounding hills, forests and thundering reminding the gullible beings obsolete with his hoarse bellow drowned the existence of old gods capable of destroying in seconds with its fury all mortal life.
Caroline moved along a path with the same urgency earthy PLC who walks always obsessed and alien to the rest of the world and focused solely on the goal we want to achieve, resiguiendo distracted with the tips of your fingers touch the smooth, worn old timbers that made up the fences of the place and forced to improvise at the continuing outstanding career path. Between skip and jump and feel the gentle breeze that heralds the storm kissing her face, Caroline moved to the heart girt outside its original location, ready to bolt over the edges of the lapels of his jacket handy spencer and threatening to throw herself one side of the road to be left there to die of exhaustion.
Her cheeks were burning as if they had been anointed with the same fire from the home and covered her pulse and blood faded his temples beat with the fury of a thousand hammers pounding on a single wooden stocks.
The heavy scent of heather flowers reached her infant carried by the evening breeze and a feeling of moisture and heaviness in the atmosphere fell upon her numbing each and every one of your joints. He looked up: the sky covered with thick clouds remained palpable, violet, tangible, armed in training as an ethereal legion paid to fight.
Clinging to her skirts she ran toward the center of that vortex of emotions that claimed every second of their senses and concentration. It was about, just missing a bend in the road bridge and the old tree would stand before her like an ancient druid love pouring over his people. Missing only deliver a small section of the path that your heart will make their most critical test: or die before an excess of emotion unbearable to live forever or delivered to a desired new passion.
He stopped short, slightly bent over herself, panting, with cheeks flushed pink and bright eyes because of the recent exercise. A broad smile crossed his face as a child.
There it was. Impeccably dressed in a coat of black and blue ottoman that looked desceñida, hovering under the front opening of the garment a delicate silk brocade vest color creme and hugging his neck a perfect knot of lace and silk cravat. There it was. Perfect as always, so adorably perfect in their air of eternal villain as attractive and fascinating with iris color of obsidian, so sweeping with his crooked smile and his mischievous tufts heady with scrambled and Bruno ... so peculiar and unique as had always been. There he was, standing under an old oak and fun watching escorted by a small phaeton convertible.
Caroline came to him with nervous and hesitant steps, stopping at the proper distance and offering the usual complimentary bow. A host of ants running around your stomach and legs, working with so that your knees are about to feel bleak.

Cooper was not limited only to the necessary permission, but caught the gloved hand of the lady to kiss his knuckles, one by one, without looking away from his face lit up.
- For a moment I feared he would not come ...
- Has so little confidence in yourself?
- Or maybe it also have put in too much sense.
- Well, sorry to disappoint you if I act foolishly this time, Mr. Knoxville.

Cooper smiled, holding her waist and led her to the carriage, then offering his hand to help her up to the box.
- I would be terribly unfortunate if an excess of good sense on his part at this time prevented him from appearing before me in the way they did today.
- And what could be the way you mentioned?
- Appear as the most adorable of creatures, so that even the very muses the poet feel envious of the light radiating eyes.

Caroline looked down, turned even more than it was until a few seconds, at full gallop heart and soul flooded with a thousand and one emotions unknown. Cooper sat by her side through agile movement, settling near her because of the narrowness of the box.
- Where are we going? - Asked to see how the gentleman took the reins of power carriage and cheered with the beautiful snow-white pony.
- Just to live, Miss Caroline, living and dreaming ...

And holding his hat to the vehicle starter impulsive excited Caroline smiled, feeling the breeze hitting his face and boldly waving their golden curls around. Occasionally watched fascinated the gentleman who sat beside him, holding the reins firmly and cheering the horse to not cease in its progress. Mr. Knoxville spoke to her very continued also his most hopeful eyes, reveling in the roundness of that innocent baby-faced and smiling tenderly, feeling incapable of violating any kind of damage to the creature whose virtue in those moments he depended entirely on .
With a soft hiss stopped the carriage at the top of a hill, from whose elevation is watching the endless quilt perfectly nuanced shades of green and brown to infinite unfolded beyond the reach of her sight.

Cooper turned a deep breath from the waist around his companion, watching her with the same rapture of those who look a real god walking among mortals.
- Tell me about you, Caroline, I know ... - Caroline smiled nervously .- I have heard that you are the younger sister of Mrs. Davenport.
- I'm actually the youngest of three brothers .- His voice trembled .- My brother George, the eldest of the three, is a cleric and has a small benefit Somershire County, just a few miles from our home Lambshire.
- Lambshire? In my life I had never heard of such a place, and notice that I left Hardshire more occasions than I care to remember! Really that should you in a remote place, Miss Barton, I doubt even its location on charts ...
- Do not blame your ignorance, at this point I myself feel that my home is as far as the moon. And then of course Mr. Knoxville, there is nothing in Lambshire able to claim their attention.
- I would not be so sure ... - Caroline looked down and shook with a barely perceptible to the proximity and gaze of that gentleman. His shoulders and his knees were still rubbing and ample folds of her skirts hiding the edge of the riding boots of Mr. Knoxville.
- Tell me ... - Cooper cocked his head to look better. The wide brim of hat that hid part of the desired face .- What would you do in your downtime, in addition to admirably play the piano? "Reading, sewing, embroidery, fireplace screens, elaborate jam perhaps?

Caroline smiled, slightly embarrassed by what was about to confess:
- The truth is that the voracious reader of the family has always been my sister, I am not reading too amateur, yes I read the classics, of course, but ...
- A girl who does not read? - Cooper frowned, his face showing a theatrical expression of surprise .- Very wrong, Miss Barton, you should be admonished at this moment for so unforgivable lack of interest!

Caroline smiled genuinely funny and the roundness of his cheeks wrought by this gesture completely tricked Cooper. He had never felt so comfortable next to another person, so calm, so relaxed, no need to pretend realities dressed in vain shadow, and acting so arrogant and conceited.
- Looms ... - Caroline emphasized his gift .- I love to draw in charcoal! (Lowering his voice suddenly sad) but this would be a futile and useless hobby ...
- Of course not! Ability to reflect reality and fantasy even on a bare dimension is absolutely worthwhile ... assumed that the painting is not able to communicate sounds, the beauty of a clear sky or the delicacy of the flowers in the spring, stops moving and is insufficient and vague when it comes to expressing emotions ... however, how many times we have felt soul mourn the senseless babble or laugh at a picture well done or to a watercolor whose vision was like really a reflection on the glass? - Cooper sat half ganchete to observe fully, taking her trembling hand hers .- Ut pictura poesis, my dear lady.

Caroline watched him fascinated.
- As the painting, so is poetry. Horacio ...

Cooper smiled now with a joyous laugh, full, free of loopholes. Their echoes rang pleasantly in the chest and head of Caroline. With the hand of the girl still caught in his, overlaid this with your other hand free.
- It's true that you have read the classics. Sew the other hand understandable, of course, being a lady you.
- You know I'm no lady. Moreover, I believe that not being the younger sister of Mrs. Davenport you and I would not be holding this conversation today.
- Do you believe? - Cooper looked straight ahead, remoteness, with melancholy airs .- Do not be so sure, Caroline, I have never found any pleasure in dealing with the ladies of high society. I believe they are all a bunch of boring, bland and prudish stretched minimally unable to entertain anyone with any kind of conversation. All they know is as silly smile at all times or give the reason the gentleman ahead of you, without ever expressing his own opinion. Perhaps without any opinion or have been well instructed in the art of hunting husband.

Caroline looked down while Cooper continued speaking, looking away, perhaps to infinity.
- I prefer dealing with a young lady, a humble, wise and well educated can always manifest itself as an equal to me, a woman who is above all women and not only showcases the achievements of his father, brother or husband . Believe me, Miss Caroline, I prefer an evening in front of the green twilight of Hardshire quiet and next to a flattering evening saturated giggles and nods ridiculous in a dance hall in the capital.

Caroline lips parted, exhaling slowly and quietly a mild breeze. His free hand trembling and collected on the lap, shaking with a barely perceptible to the sound of pounding of his heart dying. His other hand, sheltered in makeshift shelter in the hollow of the hands of Coop remained asleep like a wounded dove.
Cooper, his heart filled with a fascinating also peace and warmth never perceived, so stilled smiled.
- And now tell me ... What do you really think about me?

"Who are you the handsomest man, fascinating, beautiful and captivating that I had ever known. That now, after knowing that you exist, the old Lancelots never be seen with the same eyes, you look at me hopefully forever the same way it does now and hopefully, hopefully ... "
- "Miss Barton?
- I would not think of anything ... just know you .- Caroline started, tilting her face to hide the visor of his hat and loose loops the telltale redness of his face.
- Caroline ... - Cooper leaned toward her, and just sitting on the seat of the carriage .- Caroline, if you do not know what you think of me ... How can we improve for you?

Caroline turned hastily on, staring at him over a dilated pupil and trembling. The eyebrows visibly tight this time framed glazed and distressed look.
- You do not improve at all ...

Cooper felt a huge swell the soul fervor and suddenly looked at the imperative to worship, protect and care for forever that charming creature. He said that did not need to improve in any way ... Did not she was able to perceive the imperfections of his character imnumerables? Was it blind and deaf to his dissolute life? Do not understand that he would never be worthy of their purity, innocence and naivete? He, a creature full of perfidy that had fallen into hell and returned to be inadmissible its presence in such places ...
... Or perhaps it was that his side was easy to be a better person.

Depositing a tender kiss on the back gloved Cooper released their ceñimiento and taking control of the vehicle equip themselves properly on the box, whipping with a snap of his teeth to the gentle horse.
- Where are we going?

- It's time to take it home, going to start raining.

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