Wednesday, June 29, 2011

El Joe La Leyenda Capitulo 23

El Joe La Leyenda Capitulo 23 - What do you think now this? Instead, daydreaming, it is best to read the story of El Joe La Leyenda Capitulo 23.
Alvaro José Arroyo (Jair Romero), who seemed so desperate Jackeline Ramon (Estefania Borge) convince him not to marry a man joe otro.en then sing "La Protesta" of the band and participate in love with Adela Martelo (Jeimmy Paola Vargas ), that her boyfriend as a teenager, but was developed when Jacqueline Ramon knows she is the daughter of a music entrepreneur, owner of two labels immediately karibia.Panah romance.
At first, everything seems perfect, but Francisco Vergara (Andrés Suárez), right hand and pretended to eternal Jackeline Hannibal, which makes Arroyo signed a contract that gave it all to be enslaved for life without money.
El Joe La Leyenda Capitulo 23
Ok, the story is quite here, which continues tomorrow.

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