Wednesday, June 29, 2011

El Joe La leyenda Capitulo 22

El Joe La leyenda Capitulo 22 - Hello fans of the soap opera, El Joe La leyenda is a soap opera that elevating a true story or full arroyo.Opera Alvaro jose joe soap tells the true story of Joe 55 years vida.Telenovela El Joe La leyenda Capitulo 22 of production in the television channel RCN of Colombia, the highly acclaimed of all music fans of this soap opera kolombia.Ahora entered in Capitulo 22, El Joe La leyenda Capitulo 22 is about:
Joe singing experience in providing the dark side of life that overcomes the problem of drug addiction without losing.Mujer, friends, families, businessmen, journalists, fans, enemies and mu-cos is part of the star players of the José Arroyo González real.Alvaro life, the child was baptized with the name of Ms. Angela Gonzalez (RIP) and Guillermo Arroyo, leaving the streets of Nariño, Cartagena, and navigate to the Miss-no obstacles to achieve what is now the is the best singer of tropical music and famo palms so that has given Colombia at any momento.Alvaro José Arroyo (Jair Romero), who seems so desperate Jackeline Ramon (Estefania Borge) convinces her not to marry a man otro.en joe then singing 'La Protesta' of the band and participate in love with Adela Martelo (Jeimmy Paola Vargas), who is his girlfriend as a teenager, but blossomed when Jacqueline Ramon knows she is the daughter of a businessman in the music , owner of two labels immediately karibia.Panah romance.
At first, everything seems perfect, but Francisco Vergara (Andrés Suárez), right hand and Jackeline perennial pretender to Hannibal, which makes Arroyo signed a contract that leaves everything and enslaved for life without centavo.Mientras Therefore, Fruko (Diego Vasquez), Director of Fruko y TESOS attracted Joe to join his orchestra, he realizes that this contract is hazardous. Seeing the situation, Joe assumes that Jacqueline and her father was involved in plans to take advantage of ingenuidad.Como luck, Joe is the Jackeline tráfuga, bon vivant and are interested, but for years the fire of love is still alive at they start fighting against the intrigues of Francis, social prejudices and whims of fate.
Like the rest of the story of this soap opera, see the soap opera El Joe La leyenda Capitulo 22 on RCN television station Wednesday, June 29, 2011.
El Joe La leyenda Capitulo 22

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