Sunday, June 26, 2011

El Joe la Leyenda Capitulo 20

El Joe la Leyenda Capitulo 20 - Hello friends today I bring the new capitulo 20 of his favorite soap opera El Joe la Leyenda which I will see you all this free telenovelas its website, in the company of close friends and family. El Joe la Leyenda Capitulo 20 is in high quality video and sound not to miss any detail of this super soap opera, besides that I can download to your computer. This is the 20th chapter of the soap opera The Legend of Joe today Sunday June 26, 2011. Greetings friends and enjoy their telenovela To view any chapter that you missed El Joe la Leyenda, just follow this link where you will find all capitulos:
At first, everything seems perfect, but Francisco Vergara (Andrés Suárez), right hand and Jackeline perennial pretender to Hannibal, which makes Arroyo signed a contract that leaves everything and enslaved for life penniless.Meanwhile, Fruko (Diego Vasquez), Director of Fruko y TESOS attracted Joe to join his orchestra, he realizes that this contract is hazardous. Seeing the situation, Joe assumes that Jacqueline and her father was involved in plans to take advantage of their naivety.
El Joe la Leyenda Capitulo 20

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