Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Congress passed the Leandro Díaz Act

The Colombian congress approved Monday this week the act that declares the work of the great vallenato composer Leandro Díaz, blind from birth, cultural patrimony of the nation. His works will be expropriated by the state (obviously with compensation) and the Ministry of culture will ensure it will all be approriately published. The act also instructs a sculpture to me made of the great composer and to be displayed in both Bogotá and the capital of vallenato, where Leandro Díaz currently recides, Valledupar.

We took the photo above showing Leandro Díaz chatting with his son Ivo at the place where he was born in 1928, Altopino, immortalized in his autobiographical song, La Casa de Altopino. The lake in the background, a few minutes from the farm, is Lagunita de la Sierra, arguably the most legendary lake in Colombian folklore, immortalized by El Cantor de Fonseca, Carlos Huertas (viví en un pueblo chiquito y bonito, llamado...). The photo below was taken in 2009 in front of his statue in La Paz where el Maestro lived for more than 40 years before he moved to nearby Valledupar.

See also  photo gallery of Lendro Díaz's Scandinavian tour, also in 2009, organized by Golden Colombia Foundation. And see more on this year's vallenato festival that paid tribute to the legend here:

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