Thursday, June 23, 2011

Ana Cristina Capitulo 37

Ana Cristina Capitulo 37 - As we know, the soap opera is an exciting entertainment, especially for those of you who are fond of soap operas. Well, here I present the story entitled telenovela Ana Cristina Capitulo 37. Top story began 20 years ago, a young brat hotel chain owner named Victoria Aragon, played by Alessandra Denegri surprised by the statement of his mother (Sonia Alessandra), who said that as owner of the hotel chain Aragon depends only on her marriage with Anselmo (Valdez). But who would have thought, Anselmo was in love with Soledad (Mariela Alcalá Venezuela). Victoria is married to Anselmo that awaits your baby. Victoria was surprised to learn that Soledad is also pregnant. The evil plans of the brain Victoria was born and mother-in-law to get rid of Soledad and hijo.El long story short, after 20 years, Victoria adults (Berninzon) married to the local Anselmo has two children and care in poor condition. Soledad baby has become a young woman named Ana Cristina (Karina Jordan). Unfortunately, Ana Cristina never know his true identity. She believes that her aunt (Teddy Guzmán) is its madre.Hasta the story of Ana, who met with Gonzalo (Second Cernadas), who also loves his hermana.Ana Cristina described here as a poor girl who somehow love a rich man is, but the love story does not develop according to expectations due to her love story with a spoiled rich girl man implies. I conclude a love triangle is between them.

The story focuses primarily on the relationship between Jordan and Cerdanya is a beautiful child. However, the authors seem to build the story when Gisela Ponce (Victoria's baby sis) tells his father did not want to learn to become heir to Aragon, but I wanted to be a drummer. This creates a tension between him and his family, but a fall in the chat parent / child is simple, and he accepted.
Well, if you're curious about the rest of the story, please follow Ana Cristina Capitulo 37 in the clock on the ATV television station on Thursday, June 23, 2011.
Ana Cristina Capitulo 37

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