Friday, May 20, 2011

Yes! The best origin coffee is Colombian


After testing a variety of coffees in the world, Sevan Istamboulian (renowned taster of the Specialty Coffee Association of America) gives the title of "Best Origin Coffee" to the one produced in Génova, Qundío in Colombia's Eje Cafetero (coffe region). The past may 11, SIAL Canada published the winners of the "Coffee Cup Competition" where they reaffirmed the prestige of Colombian coffee. The title was awarded to coffee from Génova produced by the company "Café de Quindío", which won in its category positioning itself as one of the four best and more palatable coffees worldwide.

While not really surprising for those who have had the pleasure of testing it, it is a recognition of the work of Colombians who remain in the effort to reaffirm the positioning of the product, and an invitation to all those who have not yet had the experience of enjoying the incomparable taste and aroma of Café de Colombia.

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