Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Victims of recent floods will receive support from football team Atletico de Madrid

“We would like to express our solidarity towards the colombian people and the victims of recent floods, and we´d love to play a charity futbol match to show our support”, those were some of the words expressed by Enrique Cerezo, Atletico de Madrid´s president (Atletico de Madrid is one of the most important sport clubs in Spain), during the presentation of the project “A team for the world”, a spanish initiative godfathered by Amaranto Perea, colombian futbol player, who has been a star in Atletico de Madrid for the past 8 years.

With the “A team for the world” project, Atletico de Madrid undertakes the responsability of
setting up and managing, social integration sports schools in the Casanare Department (387 kilometers from Bogota, Colombia´s Capital City), and to coordinate, support, advice and facilitate the Compensation corporations in order to achive success for these sports schools”.

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