Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Un Año Para Recordar Capitulo 45

Un Año Para Recordar Capitulo 45 - Hello friends here we bring you the latest capitulo in his telenovela A Un Año Para Recordar Capitulo 45 to be enjoyed  in the  comfort  of your  home, view it online only here in Sportcorner and data Telenovela.
A year to remember the story of Anna (Carl Peterson) and Victor (Rafael Ferro). Both have been married for several years and work together on a supermarket run by the family of Victor. The couple's relationship through a long season of disappointments. Ana is proposed every day to talk with Victor to separate on good terms and able to live with his true love, secret now: Dante (Gaston Pauls).
The day Anna decides to take control of the situation, Victor discovers leave of Dante and from there, they unleash a tragic fact that Ana will experience a turning point in his life. However, wake up the next day with a strange reality: the time back just one year ago. Ana is only aware of the change, others will ignore. Ana will walk the final year of his life. Her friend and a great ally Mica (Eleonora Wexler) is the only known this unusual mystery.
Enjoy the best definition audio and video at high speed. See it on May 5, 2011

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