Thursday, May 19, 2011

New York celebrates Colombian cinema


Los viajes del Viento one of the 10 Colombian Movies that will be showcased in the Big Apple.

New York University´s King Juan Carlos´s Hall will be showcasing, for 4 days, the most recent Colombian cinematic products. "Colombia Zoom In" will be held from the 23rd until the 26th of this month (Free Admitance). Five films and a documentary will be showcasing the most representative of the new colombian narrative and creative filmmakers.

The premiere for the 60 min documentary "Mamá Chocó" by Diana kuellar and Andres Giraldo will be May 24th. "Mama Chocó" tells the story of a woman that fleds from her home town "Chocó" and adventures into unknown territories, victim of violence and displacement.

Other movies that will be showcased are:"Los viajes del Viento"(Journeys of the wind) by Ciro Guerra(2009), "La pasion de Gabriel"(Gabriel´s passion) by Luis ALberto Restrepo(2009) and the comedy "Chance"(Chance) by Abner Benaim(2009) (A colombian and Panamenian effort that shows the underworld of house maids), 'El corazón de la mancha'(Heart of la mancha) by Rubén Mendoza(2010), 'Magnolia' , by Diana Montenegro(2011), and 'Esto es un revólver'(This is a revolver) , by Pablo González(2010).

Also the film 'Retratos en una mar de mentiras' will be showcased (Portraits on a sea of lies), by Carlos Gaviria(2010), preceded by the animated short 'El trompetista' (The trumpetist), by Miguel Rueda(2011).

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