Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Capsule Hotel

The Capsule Hotel - In Japan there is an economical solution for a night in a city, are the capsule hotel, hotels that offer a recess of about two meters long by one wide and five feet tall.

Originally opened near commuter stations to offer a cheap place where to sleep laboriosios Japanese employees, who often lost the last train that brought them home. Were to put it in some way, emergency hotel to spend a night in unexpected situations.

The low price, compared to normal hotels, (3,800 yen, about 24 €, while a very cheap Capsule Hotel costs at least € 60), made that were more successful than anticipated and many Japanese displaced from their home on trips to his country , now use them to sleep for little money.

They have joined the Japanese, many foreigners visit Japan, they do not want to miss the experience of sleeping overnight in a place, thus going to be for Westerners, a more exotic attraction of Japan as raw fish or Zen gardens. While offering you space is minimal, the quality and cleanliness of these niches is higher. Are well ventilated and heated, a bamboo curtain, give you privacy and have TV channels such Contodos, music, wake etc.
Aparte.el hotel, of course, offers additional services ranging from a few toilets and showers to clean machines of all kinds of drinks and snacks that let you sleep well, take a quick meal and breakfast the next day. (Dinner and breakfast the Japanese taste of course), as well as initially the client was an employee who missed the train, everything is designed for anyone who goes to The Capsule Hotel without a suitcase. Provide the robe that the Japanese use as a pajamas, slippers and soaps all combs and brushes that you need for your health, also is available at low prices, a clean change, so that the return to office is made in perfect magazine.

Before you introduce in your bed / niche in a locker room, inside a clothes hanging lockers and leave the baggage you carry and you go to bed in your pajamas and slippers. If you suffer from claustrophobia, and you can not sleep in a place like this, we also offer a cheaper solution, as well as ferries to Majorca offer you sleep in a recliner in a common room for all the "passengers" for only 1200 yen, about 8 €. The most distasteful to the West is that when next you have to trust shower and then get into a kind of hot tub with other people of your sex completely naked, because that's how the Japanese tend to wash in public places.
In Spain hotel rules prevent opening this type of hotels, but in one of the projects that my son did in his career at the School of Architecture in Madrid, which was to imagine the rehabilitation and subsequent use of a classic yard, Madrid, located even steps from the Plaza Mayor and Puerta del Sol, it occurred to juenil shelter to shelter the thousands of young students who each year travel to Madrid for short stays and trips, or in connection with concerts and other cultural events or sports.
Broadly, the project was to cover the courtyard of the yard, with a glass dome and make the ground floor patio and a large cafeteria, which could be used outside mealtimes as multipurpose hall for cultural events and leisure and the rest of the yard, plants, transformed into a hotel in Japan, alternating with areas of niche areas of cleanliness around the corridor around the courtyard of the pen. My son argued that this type of establishment, not only economically viable, but it offered something that Madrid need affordable shelter for tourism students, located in the heart of the capital, within walking distance of cultural and entertainment district and within easy access by public transport to anywhere else in the city. .

Course, was nothing more than theoretical musings, but it might be possible to do something similar if the law allowed it .. I have seen truckers sleep in the cabs of their trucks into beds no larger than Japanese niches, and those who love nature, we stayed in tents or small in size as more and as many as each other, we had close to a clean toilet which give us a hot shower ..

However, although it may have been well received by young, I doubt the success that this solution would in Spain among adult people. Suppose you have to make a trip to another city, say he wandered Granada and short of money and that would include many more expensive hotels, two cheap options, one a Japanese hotel in downtown and another, the typical hotel two stars that are opening up in industrial estates on the outskirts of the city. Hotel clean but spartan, those who offer a room with shower exteriory but not very wide, anueblada sober as could be, no fridge, no telephone, not even a closet door where you can leave your clothes, just a bar for hanging clothes and a bank where you put the suitcase and also stay should cost twice as much as the "Japanese." "You which would you choose?

For my part, I would go to two stars, however, do not know if my taste matches the middle or just happens that over the years I've been "gentrified", which is more than likely ..

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