Monday, May 16, 2011

Aurora Capítulo 133

Aurora Capítulo 133 - You can see online Aurora Capítulo 133 on Thursday May 12, 2011.
Aurora Capítulo 133, a beautiful 20 year old Lorenzo falls in love intensely Lobos, being pregnant with him when he was still almost a teenager. Their parents to learn of this relationship, separate from the young. Lorenzo, believing it to Aurora who do not want to see again and again, ignoring the existence of the baby, also decided to leave it. After a few months White was born and discovers that Dawn is a victim of a terrible disease, for which so far has not found a cure.
His father, a renowned doctor who has come to be famous for his advanced studies on Cryogenics (scientific technique based on the freezing of a physical body for preservation), decides to apply to his own daughter ..
Aurora Capítulo 133

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