Thursday, April 7, 2011

Readers of Forbes Magazine: Colombia the world's second friendliest country

Forbes Magazine recently published the results from their poll on which countries their readers perceive being the world's friendliest countries. Thailand ended up no. 1 with Colombia right behind.

For Colombia-lovers it may seem incredible that any country can beat Colombia in this particular contest. Thailand obviously receives way more tourist per year than Colombia and accordingly has more potential voters. However, we do congratulate "The land of the smiles" with a surely well diserved victory!

We include in this post a link to a video from an orphanage in Bogotá as a small proof of Colombians truly being among the world's happiest people. Recall that these are severely underpriviliged children - but they express a joy over the small things that the rest of the world can onnly envy them.

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