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Players report card Madrid vs Barcelona Champions League Semi-finals 2010/2011

Players report card Madrid vs Barcelona Champions League Semi-finals 2010/2011 - Barcelona ensure a 2-0 victory over Real Madrid in the Champions League semi-final first leg at the Santiago Bernabeu on Thursday (04/28/2011). Lionel Messi Barca bought up two-goal victory, and the following is a report card players of both teams.

Real Madrid:

Iker Casillas 6.5
Playing strong enough and slick in the first half with chances to thwart Xavi Hernandez and David Villa in the second round. But goalkeeper Casillas virginity broken by two goals from Messi.

Marcelo 6
Madrid left-back was playing more conservatively than usual. Marcelo membiat one of two breakthrough with a stab to the front. Working hard to block the wing Barca, but too easily bypassed by Ibrahim Afellay, the first goal for Barca.

Raul Albiol Tortajada 6
Play impressive in the first round by consistently keeping the defense area. But Albiol slack in the second half, including Messi skipped easily.

Sergio Ramos 6.5
Will miss the second leg after receiving a yellow card due to tackle on Messi rate at minute 54. Pretty neat in the heart of Madrid's defense, unfortunately Ramos have to lose first ggol Messi.

Alvaro Arbeloa Coca 6
Serve as a right-back pretty well. Arbeloa should receive a lot of pressure very exhausting. Got a yellow card in minute 40, after blocking rate of Pedro Rodriguez.

Lassana Diarra 6
Diarra was too heavy duty in this match, especially when Pepe should be expelled by the referee. Diarra was keteteran and can be seen easily by Messi digocek on the second goal.

Pepe 5
Become important actors in midfield Madrid, Pepe is able to balance the rear and front lines. Darling Dachshund late to Dani Alves on 61 minutes made it all changed. Pepe carelessness is rewarded red card by referee.

Xabi Alonso 6
As a playmaker, Xabi Alonso was too busy breaking passes Barcelona midfielder. Not much oeran Xabi to contribute to the front lines

Angel Fabian In María 5.5
Had an impressive first half, but Di Maria often too old to play with the ball, which ultimately hurt the team.

Cristiano Ronaldo 6
CR-7 is plotted as a striker Tungga in the first round. Strict escort, and Gerard Pique Carles Puyol makes Ronaldo Barca's goal was not much harm. One hard kick from outside the penalty box, was still able to be defeated Victor Valdes.

Mesut Ozil 4
This is not the first El Clasico match for Mesut Ozil. But the German players are looked nervous and often make mistakes. Considered not contribute significantly, Ozil Adebayor eventually replaced early in the second half

Emmanuel Adebayor 5.5
Log in awa Ozil replace the second half. Adebayor is expected to support the movement of Ronaldo. Unfortunately, there is no supply of ball to him and peram Adebayor to be in vain.

Víctor Valdes 6.0
Overall Valdes job not too busy in this fight. Valdes hold only once kick Ronaldo, the remaining task Valdes was facilitated by the defender in front of him.

Javier Mascherano 7
Mascherano played as central defender to cover the existing hole. The task was done well and once got a yellow card for violating Pepe.

Carles Puyol 7
Moved as a left back by the policy of reshuffling Pep Guardiola. Able to give the problem to make Ronaldo Ronaldo and successful enough in dismantling defense frustrated Barça.

Gerard Pique 8
A colossal in line behind Barca. Discipline keep the heart of defense, without giving any space to opposing players.

Daniel Alves 6
The role of Dani Alves in this fight is to make the referee red-carded Pepe. The rest, Alves too much help to attack and leaving a hole in the rear sector. Lucky not to be used by Angel Di Maria.

Seydou Keita 6
Served as team balancing in three Barca midfielder. Keita is optimal to do to survive and to monitor the situation from midfield.

Sergio Busquets Burgos 6.5
Madrid fans hated figure because of the actions of his acting. However, the role of spoilsport Busquets as opposed to pretty effective.

Xavi 8
Working as a regulator of the rhythm of the team and supplies the ball to the front lines. Task Messi and Villa is facilitated by the role of midfield general this.

David Villa 7
Menceta Villa goal but failed to spread the threat to the defense of Madrid. Had defense isolated El Real, but still able to get two chances at minutes 11 and 68.

Lionel Messi 9
Deserve the highest value attributed to Messi. Get a tight escort of two to three Madrid players, Messi still can circumvent scored the first goal. The second goal with a beautiful creation, with over four Madrid players.

Pedro 6
Playing sunny early in the first half as the midfield triumvirate in Barcelona. Unfortunately Pedro Madrid players often become the target time was holding the ball

Ibrahim Afellay 7
Pep Guardiola has made the right decision by entering Affelay in 71 minutes. Directly contribute to the birth of the first goal. Marcelo Passing on the right side, Afellay to send feedback to be completed by Massey.

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