Monday, April 25, 2011

Paradise, one hour from Bogotá

One short hour from Bogotá is all it takes to escape from the big city's noise and stress and enter into a completely different world. On the east side of the Monserrate mountain the road descends into a fertile and picturesque valley and reaches eventually the small village Choachí, a village famous for its hot springs that for centuries have warmed the city-dwellers. Some 15 minutes drive further downwards on a winding country road you reach the eco-hostel Al Alba.

Al Alba was included in the recently published book 333 places to see in Colombia before you die - and for a reason. The appartments are located in what seems like a dense bush but is actually a carefully designed botanic garden criss-crossed by stonepaved paths with running water everywhere.

It is not guaranteed that a stay at Al Alba will prolong your life, but it is definitely an unusally pleasant experience. Contact the hospitable couple that runs the place on

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