Saturday, April 9, 2011

my weekend so far...

My weekend has been pretty boring. Between one too many episodes of SVU, continuous snow or rain, and basically being home alone, I was feeling slightly I headed to the mall. Where I also started to feel a little depressed because it was filled with fun things to wear from spring, but when I looked outside it looked like January. Despite this, I decided to charge these little beauties to my Nordstrom card. Gotta love that. I won't next month :( That made me feel a little better. My go to on a bad day is shoes. Hopefully I can wear them soon. Anyway, do you like?
Yesterday I watched the movie Hereafter. It was actually really sad, but I liked it. I think if Matt Damon is in anything I would go see it. Not because I think he is hot (although he is attractive enough), but I think he is a good actor and I usually like the movies he is in.
I do way too much of this. I should probably cut it out. I need to get a life again. Maybe once summer gets here I will.

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