Monday, March 28, 2011

End Of School Life

pic - my friends
tushar, nazir and me

After Spending ten years in school (International School, Patna) there came a day when we had to say farewell to our school mates, class mates & childhood friends. This unforgettable moment came on Thursday in December 9, 2004. This day was our last class in the school.

Whole day we enjoyed ourselves but at the dismissal everyone was sad, every eyes had tears. No one could say that we all were enjoying the whole day. We left our class X-B at 13:57:20 hrs. On this day we all shared our thoughts with each other by writing  our thoughts on each others shirt.

But there were two friends ( Urvashi Jha and Minakshi Singh ) of ours who had tears in their eyes whole day. This was because of the punishment given to them by our principal mam (Mrs Farhat Hasan), without the faults of their own. Some students had shouted in the assembly hall and our P.T. teacher Mr. Viswajeet took out them from the line and placed them before the principal mam. And principal mam made both of them stand on the stage holding their ears till the assembly lasted.

After the dismissal we planned to enjoy a party with our friends. We went to Roti (a reastaurant opposite of A.N. college). We the three hostellers (me, Raj Kashyap and Preetesh Monu) took permission from principal mam to go out with our friends who sent Mr Sameer (P.T. teacher) with us. We all went to the Roti and Sameer sir waited outside. We had lunch, drinks and a lot of enjoyment their for more than an hour. After that we all were ready to depart and one Kumar Aditya started crying. Some of us came forward to console him and we also started crying.

All this took another half an hour but finally with tears we all hugged each other and finally departed. Everyone had only one thing to say “hum phir milenge”.

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