Saturday, February 12, 2011

Julia Voth Wallpapers

Julia Voth was born in 1985 in Saskatchewan, Canada. She clearly had entertainment aspirations at an early age, since she was known for hamming it up in most of her family pictures. By the time she was 14, Julia Voth was already a paid model, and she would develop the bulk of her early modeling portfolio in Japan. One of her highlights in the country was a music video for the legendary band Aerosmith.

Three years later, Julia Voth got her best exposure yet when the designers of the Resident Evil video game series asked her to be their face and body model for the character of Jill Valentine. Despite the fact that she knew nothing about the game, Julia Voth was ecstatic to have the opportunity, and the success of the game Resident Evil: Biohazard only added to her own success.

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