Friday, January 7, 2011

TV to talk about

So...some rambling thoughts on tv...yeah tv

First of all, the girls at work were laughing at me the other day because I was watching Million Dollar Money Drop on Hulu, because none of the new tv shows had started again and it was UNBELIEVABLY slow at work. (one of the reasons I decided to start a blog...after I've done all my work of course haha). Anyway, back to my point...I was getting so nervous for these poor people who keep watching their money drop all the way down the shoots. I kept shouting at the computer screen and yelling, "you idiot! that's a stupid answer. you're going to lose all your money". So the next day I played it out loud and of course April was getting nervous right along with me.

Then finally, my guiltiest of all pleasures started again! THE BACHELOR! (not the bachelorette...because I think the crazy fighting girls are so much funnier...and yes I admit, I've always wanted to go on it...but the more I watch...the stupider they look and if I were to make it I'd probably hit someone and get kicked off.) ANYWAY...once again I found myself sitting there talking to myself. So I'd probably fit right in with the crazy girls on tv.
Then I was thinking...guys are WAY worse. Hello, Jake during a Giants game? I'm lucky to not end up with a remote at my head (on accident...he's not listening or looking at anything else when those games are on)...or a broken ear drum at the end of the game. I guess I have to say we're even because if they want to jump around and scream during a sports game then they have to deal with women and they're trashy/sappy tv. However I will say this, I watch A LOT of sports and I have yet to get a certain someone to watch an episode of Grey's Anatomy...which by the way started last night and got me thinking about this tv post! I'm so happy Kristina and Meredith are friends again. I loved last night's episode!

I cannot wait for Gossip Girl! 2 and a 1/2 more weeks? REALLY? ugh! Hurry up PLEASE! Until then...

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