Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Tiffany Page Pictures

Tiffany Page is the next big thing. And don’t be fooled by her name, she’s not another bubblegum, teeny-bopping creation that seems to be all over the radio these days, not by any means. Described by Q as “[the] 23 year old fender-wielding Chrissie Hynde for the 21st century, complete with a wild streak a mile wide” and they’ve definitely hit it on the nail on the head. When you hear Tiffany’s first single ‘Walk Away Slow’, its clear that you’ve got a girl with attitude. The song is something we haven’t heard for years from a female, rough riffs and tough lyrics, and its refreshing, to hear a girl with a little individuality in a music industry which churns out the same hot pant wearing clones day after day. However, Tiffany’s voice is something we haven’t ever heard, its original, its individual and its completely hers. It’s a voice, you hear and automatically know the artist. And that’s what makes Tiffany so special, she mixes classic femrock with her own unique style.
Saying that Tiffany Page still exudes femininity, her new single ’You Won’t’ sees a softer side to the tough, guitar wielding girl in ‘Walk Away Slow‘. ’You Won’t’ is a song of love and lost, beautifully melancholy. “If you think you’ll going to find what you already have” is one of the lyrics and it sums up the song in one. It’s a story of being left by a lover, so they can search for what’s right in front of them and it’s definitely worth a listen. Tiffany’s songs are personal to her, but universal in their messages, listening to her you can hear the raw, real emotions that everyone feels and empathise. Her songs are snapshots of real life that anyone can listen to and anyone can enjoy.
Tiffany is playing V Festival this weekend, in Stafford and Chelmsford and is going on tour after that. Her new single ‘You Won’t’ and album ‘Walk Away Slow’ is out on 27th September.

And in a new segment I ask my mum what she thinks…
Says “Great voice but needs to brush her hair”
You’ve been told Tiff!

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