Monday, January 3, 2011

So Long 2010

2010 was a year of ups and downs for me when I look back at it.

It went by really fast. I worked (and still do) at Flagship Financial, so every day I would start a file and look down at it and be like what I'm already doing a July file? etc...But now it is January of another new year and I'm very excited. I feel like it's almost cliche to do the whole "yay another new start! more resolutions!"...because let's be honest, most people don't keep them, including myself. However, I like the idea of hope that I will.

I don't think I made any huge changes in the last year...just lots of little ones and grew in little ways, which sometimes I think in the long run are very important.

I still work at the same job, which however I got let go from…stupid economy…and asked to come back to literally two days later. (one of my downs and then I guess what you could call and up again).

I did however almost move to Boise during that time and then later in the summer, but Jake decided to move back to Utah for a job opportunity. And yes, I have been dating that same boy for this whole year as well. I guess you shouldn't call a 29 year old man a boy...sorry Jake. I've also never dated someone for that long before, so that's a first.

I didn't move apartments either...just downstairs to the basement from upstairs. O how I miss my closet :( Yet just another small change. I miss my old roommates, but just had more good friends move in :)

No big trips this year. Mostly to boise to visit Jake. Vegas and Phoenix though. I didn't really even change my hair color much this year...and now I'm starting to depress myself...haha.

I'm actually really happy right now. I've been trying to decide what kind of school I want to go back to. Pretty sure I want to do nursing and I'd like to try and make it into a nurse anesthetist program if I can. Cross your fingers for me, I sent out some emails at the end of the year finally.

I made a lot of new friends this year too, which I think it something to be glad for.

So I guess it's on to resolutions. I made a lot of them, so I'll just put down my top

1. SAVE MONEY! I know this one is not going to happen, but I want to save it so I can travel more, which is another resolution, if I can keep this one.

2. BE MORE PATIENT - all around. don't think I have to explain this one too much, but I think it may help me be more kind as well.

3. ENJOY LIFE, DON'T STRESS, AND DO THINGS FOR ME! - thats was sort of a couple combined into one, but I figured they all have the same idea. I need to try and relax more this year!

Anyway...I've been rambling. So 2010, you were interesting and I learned a lot. LOVE YOU LONG TIME! Dear 2011...please be a happy year! Can't wait for you!

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